Project #3: Online Store III - Checkout


Based on your project #2, develop a checkout page (called "checkout.aspx) to gather customer payment and shipping information, save the information to the OrderHead (CartHead) table, send a confirmation email to the customer, and display a receipt page in the browser.


  1. The information to gather from the customer include: first name, last name, street address, city, state, zip, phone number, email address, credit card number, credit card type, and credit card expiration date.
  2. Create validation controls to validate the completeness, data types, and other type dimensions of the collected information.
  3. If the state "California" is selected, apply a 9.50% tax rate. Shipping is free.
  4. The confirmation email sent to the customer should include order head information and every order line items with subtotal, tax, and total.
  5. After the above functions are done, the "checkout.aspx" page redirects to a receipt page (called "receipt.aspx) which displays the company name, order head, and all the order line items in a good HTML format.
  6. After the receipt is displayed to the browser, clear all cookies and session variables.


  • Checkout.aspx: data collection: 30%; data validation: 10%; tax: 10%; confirmation email: 20%
  • Receipt.aspx: 20%
  • Closing: 10%

Sample code