Project #2: Online Store II - Shopping Cart


Add a shopping cart to the online product catalog.


  1. Develop an "add to cart" function to (1) validate the quantity input and (2) add the product as a new order line item to the CartLine table which contains the following data fields: CartID, ProductID, ProductNo, ProductName, Price, Quantity. If there is already an existing product in the cart, only update the quantity.
  2. Develop "ViewCart.aspx" to:
    • display the cart details after a new order line item is added by the "add to cart" function or the "View Cart" link button is clicked,
    • show cart details containing ProductID, ProductNo, ProductName, Price, Quantity (in textbox control for update purpose), subtotal (calculated), and total (calculated), and
    • allow the customer to (1) update the quantity of an individual line item in the cart, (2) delete one item in the cart, and (3) empty the whole cart.  


  • Requirement #01:
    • validation: 5%
    • adding: 30%
    • display subtotal: 5%
    • display cart total: 10%
  • Requirement #02:
    • display cart details: 25%
    • update item quantity: 20%
    • delete cart item: 10%
    • empty the cart: 10%

Sample code