Project #1: Online Store I - Product Catalog


Develop an online product catalog using


  • Develop an empty 4.5 website.
  • Download a HTML5 responsive e-commerce website template and convert the layout of the template into a master page containing at least the following elements: 
    • Catalog navigation (2 levels of product categories, search box)
    • Cart elemente links (view cart, checkout, etc)
  • Create a MSSQL database with the following two tables for your own store: 
    • Category: containing the first and second level product categories
    • Product:  containing all the products 
  • Create the following functionalities that enable customers to: 
    • navigate through the category structure (main categories and sub categories)
    • list featured products when a main category is clicked and show hyperlinked breadcrumb (main category)
    • list products for a selected sub category and show hyperlinked breadcrumb (main category + sub category)
    • search product by one keyword on product ID or product name, and
    • display product details (product ID, product name, product description, price, etc.) for a selected or searched product


  • Category navigation: 50%
  • Product list: 20%
  • Product detail: 15%
  • Product search: 15%

Sample Code